Hospital Welcomes “Baby Rockers” To Cuddle The Newborns Left Behind

Five women volunteer to rock and soothe newborns everyday at this hospital.

What goes together better than cheese and wine? Compassionate women and newborns that need some tender loving care. Recognizing this truth, Lincoln’s Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals has welcomed five women each day to cuddle newborn babies.

For whatever reason, each one of the babies has been abandoned by their parents. Some are referred to as “shaken babies.” Fortunately, they are not alone and are receiving the intimate comfort all creatures need upon entering this world. To ensure no infant goes without comfort, the volunteers work in shifts.

Called the “baby rockers,” the women are inspired to help the infants out of the goodness of their hearts. Volunteer Anne Jensen (pictured above), commented:

“Whenever we had a baby that was a ward of the state or the parents weren’t there or needed help, I would come in and rock the baby.”

“When you walk in…in the morning and those little faces light up, you know you’ve done some good,” said Carole Johnson, another volunteer.

Jensen says that the dedicated visits have resulted in the babies recognizing her voice. When a nurse needs one of the infants to go to sleep, Jensen is called and she helps soothe them until they nod off. Volunteer Sandy Ludwig added:

“A lot of times these babies can’t get that human touch and tenderness that they need early in life. So, we come in and provide that,” Sandy Ludwig said.

CNN reports that it is oftentimes a tough ordeal for the volunteers to leave the babies, as they’ve bonded with the infants who have been left with no one in this world. Fortunately, the rewards outweigh the heartbreak that ensues when leaving the young children after each shift.

The hospital staff is grateful for the help, as “The nurses would love to do this, but unfortunately they cannot because they need to be doing their job,” according to Hospital Volunteer Coordinator Marla Buresh. Perhaps in the future, other hospitals will launch similar initiatives.

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