Hong Kong Protesters Need Our Support!

Government cracks down as tens of thousands demand democracy

Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong face arrest, tear gas and police violence for daring to demand free and fair elections in 2017.

When Britain gave  Hong Kong back to China in 1997, the government agreed to give certain freedoms to the former colony, including free speech and the right to protest (neither of which are possible on the mainland). However, those rights are being eroded, and the Occupy Central with Love and Peace movement has vowed to remain on the streets until their call for change is met.

China has a dark history of crushing rebellion, however, and these activists are literally putting their lives at risk. They need the world´s support! You can sign a petition by clicking here (and who knows, if Avaaz´s 38 million members get on board this campaign, maybe the rest of China will follow suit… here´s hoping!)

Image Credit: Flickr / Lamuel Chung

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