Homeless Mom Saved From Poverty By Homeless Man

This hero donates every penny he receives to help a single parent in need

A 39 year-old single mother who lost her job and then her home was saved from life on the streets by an unlikely hero- a man who has been homeless himself since 2004.

The woman (a.k.a Sandy) and her ten year-old son had been living in a truck for three months and received no support from social services (although they did threaten to take her child away for not providing him with adequate housing).

Sandy´s good samaritan is Curtis Jackson, who would see her regularly in her car as she went to work at the bank and he was out begging on his usual Chicago patch. When Sandy lost her job, he offered to give her every cent he earned panhandling so she could afford a hotel room for herself and her child.

You know the world´s messed up when a homeless man turns out to be waaay more charitable than the vast majority of working folk in society- but on the other hand, this homeless man is a very big-hearted and special person.

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