Homeless Man Who Helped Manchester Victims Is Rewarded With Housing

For his heroism, the activist has received offers of assistance and housing.

Last week, word traveled fast that a homeless man named Chris Parker had stepped in to help victims of the Manchester terror attack when others went fleeing. As True Activist reported, he helped several individuals – including a woman in her 60’s who passed away in his arms.

Now that a short period of time has passed, the details of the incident have become more clear. Parker was not alone when he ran into the Manchester Arena where the bomb took place. Another homeless man, named Stephen Jones, joined him. The duo worked to transport the injured away from the building and to pull debris from peoples’ wounds. Together, they kept a woman’s legs elevated so she wouldn’t bleed out. They also comforted some children as they desperately looked for their parents. For their heroism, both have been rewarded with accommodation and assistance – most notably, Stephen.

After the tragic occurrence, both men were interviewed by numerous media outlets. Touched by their compassion, Manchester local, Diane Moore, set up a Just Giving crowdfunding campaign to help them. Already, it has raised $30,000 which will be used to buy permanent housing.

Generosity also poured in from David Sullivan, the co-chairman of English Premier League club West Ham United. He utilized social media to find the homeless heroes then offered them 6 months free rent to get them back on their feet. As GoodNewsNetwork reports, Sullivan and his son have since connected with Stephen and are helping him “get his life in order.”

Sullivan said in a statement:

“Dave and myself were both hugely impressed by the bravery shown by Steve, the emergency services and all those who rushed to the aid of those affected by the Manchester attack. This was a terrible incident, but the response of the people of Manchester has been one of bravery, togetherness and resilience – the hallmarks of what makes Britain such a fantastic place.”

“Steve was just one of hundreds of people who forgot about their own safety and rushed to the aid of others, and we were both moved by his story,” he added. “We are just trying to work out with a charity in Manchester how we pay for the accommodation for six months and give him some money for clothes and other essentials to give him as chance of getting a job and a normal life.”

Below, Stephen describes pulling nails out of children after the bombing:

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