Homeless Man Spent Time Handing Out Resumes Rather Than Asking For Money?And It Paid Off

A homeless man spent everyday handing out his resume instead of asking for money; one man took notice and helped land him a job.

Credit: Michael Marteen

Credit: Michael Marteen

One can hardly blame people living on the streets for spending their days asking people for money and food because they live and eat day-to-day and at the mercy of strangers. One man, Frederick Callison, decided that his time was better spent handing out resumes rather than requesting food and his efforts wound up landing him a job.

Michael Marteen, who worked for a catering company several years ago, was shopping at a Smart & Final with his family when he noticed Callison sitting outside of the store with his resumes laid out and ready to be handed out.

Credit: Michael Marteen

Credit: Michael Marteen

The store allowed Callison to take up residence outside of their location because the homeless man would push carts for free.

Callison, who worked in the past as a line cook and was looking for similar work, even had his Social Security card, his food handler’s certificate, and an ID card to show how serious he was to find a job.

He had moved to Sacramento, CA from Washington for a job as a line cook with the Salvation Army just two years ago but the job didn’t work out. He has been homeless ever since.

Marteen told TODAY.com that when he approached the man,

“He hopped right up to hand one to me and then started telling me all about his experience as if it were an interview.?I’ve been in situations where I had nothing and had to bust my butt to get work, and there he was doing that, so I have a lot of respect for him.”

The former caterer had so much respect for him that although he wasn’t able to personally offer him a job, Marteen posted a photo of Callison’s resume on Facebook to see if anyone else had an opening.

Marteen left Callison with a jug of water and raviolis to feast on that day and wasn’t sure if he would have any success in hooking him up with a job, but someone came across the post and had an opening as a cook at a downtown restaurant called Pizza Rocks.

Callison was so excited about the position and Marteen said:

“He was ecstatic about landing a job and very grateful for the opportunity. He was up the night before studying the menu for hours.”

Credit: Michael Marteen

Credit: Michael Marteen

The good news didn’t stop at the job offering, however. Callison’s new employers also gave him clothes to wear and a friend of the owners invited him to move in temporarily until he can secure his own space.

It’s important to remember that homeless people are individuals that need and deserve help, especially those who are going above and beyond to get back on their feet. Marteen reinforced this when he said:

“It’s easy to look at someone and not see anything but a homeless man, but after talking to him I realized he’s so much more than that. He’s a well-spoken, cool and friendly guy who knows what he wants and is going after it.”

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