Homeless Man Finds Motorcyclist’s Keys And Returns Them, Refuses Reward

A man down on his luck returned a motorcyclist’s keys and refused a reward because, he says, helping each other is the right thing to do.

Credit: Verne

Credit: Verne

For the past six months, a man named Francisco Hernández has been sleeping in a public shelter due to losing his job and becoming homeless. To figuratively get back on his feet, the 43-year-old has been guiding drivers to available parking spaces during the day to earn extra money in the form of tips.

Recently, Mr. Hernández was walking along the street when he found a parked motorcycle with the keys left in the bike’s ignition. He might have been tempted to take the vehicle, but instead he did the right thing. After trying to give the keys to nearby police officers, they told him to deposit them at the police station.

Francisco doesn’t have a mode of transport or spare change to spend on such a task, however, which is why he did something else… He told Verne: 

“The police station was really far and I couldn’t go, so I decided to keep the key and I asked for a paper and pen in a local store so I could leave a note.”

Mr. Hernández figured the best mode of action would be to hold onto the keys until the owner of the motorcycle could obtain them from him at the shelter. The note he left read:

“Hi, my name is Paco and I have the keys for your motorcycle. Don’t worry – I’m in the Comuneros street until 7 and then I’m at the Jesus abandonado.”

It turns out that 27-year-old Pedro Teruel is the owner of the motorcycle and was heartened to learn that the keys were picked up by someone who was willing to return them. Reportedly, he first thought Jesus Abandonado was the name of another street, but later learned from the store worker that it was the name of a shelter the homeless man who had his keys lived at.

When Pedro eventually met up with Francisco, he found his keys intact. Incredibly, the homeless man refused any sort of reward. Mr. Hernández explained:

“I see so much corruption and people getting angry about it. If I accepted the money, I would just be one of them and I’m not. We must help one another because it’s the right thing to do, without any kind of expectation for a reward.”

So often, those with the least are often the most generous. It’s curious, to say the least, as well as inspiring. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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