Homeless Hero Who Saved Trucker In Crash Is Most Excited About New Glasses

He didn't think twice before pulling an unconscious man from a car accident to resuscitate him. Because of his heroism, he is now being rewarded.

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Homeless man James Pocock was in the right place at the right time and because of it, is now being rewarded for saving someone’s life.

While camping out at his usual spot by intestate Exit 12 in Williston, Vermont, James witnessed a truck accident. Reportedly, Paul Bristol succumbed to a heart attack which caused him to lose control of the vehicle he was driving. Immediately, James leaped up and pulled Paul from the truck, where he revived him with CPR. Thanks to his quick-thinking, Paul is alive today.

Not only was James honored by the local fire department, a family friend of Paul’s, Lynnea Bergevin Nicols, created a GoFundMe campaign to assist the homeless hero. Incredibly, she and James had actually met before — when she purchased him a pair of jeans for Christmas after he held a sign on the side of the road listing his measurements. She was more than happy to fulfill his wish for untattered, warm jeans. 

Since their second meeting, the duo has become close friends. So far, the crowdfunding campaign to help James has reached nearly $15,000 in donations — far more than Lynnea thought would be raised. She told GoodNewsNetwork:

“I had no idea this was going to happen, no idea what to expect. I was thinking I would set the limit at $5K but then said oh never mind I’ll just set it at $2K. Then it just took off, the next day was insane! He is so flabbergasted. He has moments of just ‘whoa’.”

Credit: Burlington Free Press

And what is James looking forward to most? A new prescription for glasses, which he hasn’t had money to renew for three years.

“James turned to me and said ‘you know there’s something I really want if I could have anything’, and then he pulls out his eye prescription from 2014 and asked for new glasses,” said Lynnea. “We were like, yes, of course we can do that!”

After visiting the doctor, James is now in a hotel where he’ll stay until he’s moved into housing next Monday. Lynnea is helping James find a job, as well is organizing the campaign’s funding.

Because the former homeless man knows what it’s like to rely on a handout, he has requested that 10% of the campaign funds go to charity.

“He’s a really sweet guy and always so appreciative. Just a really sweet guy,” explained Lynnea. “His message to people is not to make a snap decision about what someone looks like or their circumstance because the homeless community is full of great people.”

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