Holiday Hero Rescues Christmas Gifts From Burning Post Office Truck [Watch]

A brave postal worker rescued numerous items from a truck before it was wholly consumed by flames.

Credit: YouTube

Considering the majority of Americans are one paycheck away from homelessness, purchasing, wrapping, and sending Christmas gifts to friends and family members is not a feat to be overlooked. Fortunately, a bundle of precious items was saved by a brave postal worker when the truck she was driving burst into flames.

Action 13 News reports that a fearless woman was delivering goods when the dashboard of a U.S. Postal Service truck started to smoke. Once she pulled over, a fire ignited. Rather than become overwhelmed, she calmly began to remove the packages from the vehicle.

Before the truck was completely overtaken by flames, all but two packages had been rescued from the fire. A bystander caught much of the scene on film then jumped in to help. Shortly after, firefighters arrived and extinguished the flames.

Amazon issued a formal statement to the woman thanking her for taking the time to rescue the items which would have otherwise been consumed by the flames. Undoubtedly, those who ordered the gifts, as well, are thankful for her compassion.

The holiday season is all about kindness, giving thanks, and thinking of others. If you?re inspired by this story, please share this article and comment your thoughts below!

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