Hippo Water Roller Aids Women And Children With Daily Task Of Collecting Water

This durable innovation can last seven years and holds up to 90 liters of water. It’s also been outfitted with a filter to purify collected water.

Credit: Hippo Water Rollers

Credit: Hippo Water Rollers

Whereas most Americans spend 4-6 hours per day watching television, many individuals in third world countries – specifically regions in Africa and Asia – spend that many hours each day transporting water from available water sources to their homes. It’s unfathomable to those who can barely wait 15 minutes for a hot meal, but it’s a reality that demands attention.

Fortunately, a temporary solution has been presented to the indigenous women and children who must take on the task of lugging water to and fro, and it’s called the Hippo Water Roller. As the name implies, the innovation helps those who are responsible for the never-ending obligation by allowing them to roll the water to their homes, rather than carry it on their heads as is usually the norm.

The barrel can last approximately seven years and holds up to 90 liters of water (about five times what is typically carried in a single bucket). This, in effect, allows for less frequent trips to an available water source. It also ensures those who are weaker or young can roll along their needed supply of water.

An additional benefit of the Hippo Water Roller is that it has been outfitted with a simple filtering system. Water enters through a large utility cap opening, as MyModernMet relays, then immediately goes through an attached filter. A specifically designed drop irrigation cap has also been added to assist farmers with the task of irrigating their crops.

Credit: Hippo Water Rollers

Credit: Hippo Water Rollers

Because the Hippo Water Rollers are made from plastic, they are a bit more functional for individuals who don’t have access – or the funds – to invest in single parts for the innovation in case it was to break. Fortunately, the plastic is thick and durable and was designed to be used on rough terrain and rocky ground. This is what helps it to last.

Due to the Hippo Water Roller’s design, the water is nearly guaranteed to reach its destination every time. Such is not the case when it’s being carried in open buckets, precariously perched on one’s head. Furthermore, the Roller can be dragged or pushed by younger kids. The innovation is especially helpful to women (the main demographic to haul water), as it helps to prevent potential head or neck issues.

Though you’re just learning about the rollers, they’ve actually been in production for over 20 years. Reportedly, the Hippo Water Rollers began 25 years ago and today, are used in more than 20 countries. The innovations are somewhat essential for the 750 million people in Asia and Africa who struggle to get access to water, which is why the company is doing what it can to disperse them to people in need.

Credit: Hippo Water Rollers

Credit: Hippo Water Rollers

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