Heroic Driver Rescues 20 Elementary Kids From Burning Bus [Watch]

?I?m a mom of two,? she said. ?It?s my job to save them.?

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

While en route to deliver elementary kids to their homes, school bus driver Reneita Smith noticed that a fire had started underneath the vehicle?s rear tire. Without hesitation, she pulled the school bus over and helped all children exit the bus.

The driver and mother of two even went as far as to reenter the smoking structure to make sure no one had been left behind. If Smith hadn?t responded as cooly and confidently as she had, the story may have ended as tragedy.

Fortunately, all escaped the bus which had departed from Glenarden Woods Elementary School in College Park, Maryland. After the school was informed of the event, Reneita was publicly thanked on Facebook. Fazlul Kabir wrote in a post:

?A big THANK YOU to our school bus driver Reneita Smith who just saved 20 elementary school kids from a bus fire that completely destroyed the bus. Reneita [not only] took each one of the 20 kids from the bus one by one, but also went into the empty bus again to check if everyone was out, while it was still burning.?

In an interview with KTLA, Smith explained that she was only doing her job.

?I am a mom of two kids. It?s my job to save them,”?she said.

Watch the video below to?see how it all played out:

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