Here’s Why You Should Never Let An Exam Result Determine Your Fate

Spoken word poem suggests the education system is unfair, irrelevant and no measure of intelligence

Spoken word poet Suli Breaks is quite well known for his cynical attitude towards traditional schooling, and this video by Creavite adds a nice animation to one of Suli’s best spoken word poems yet: I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate. Talking about individuality, cramming for exams and how intelligence is measured, Suli makes some really important points about the failings of traditional education systems.

Let us know your thoughts. Were you ever discriminated against for being unable to sit still or concentrate, despite being smart? Do you think exams are a fair way of measuring progress and knowledge? Is going to University a big waste of time and money? Let us know your opinions and experiences in the comments!

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