Here’s Why We Need To End Corporate Welfare NOW

Robert Reich on why those who are destroying the planet and society itself don't deserve a cent of the massive hand-outs they are getting

Welfare. The mainstream media have done so much?poor-shaming in recent years that it’s?become a dirty word, but few of us associate ‘welfare’ with corporations. Here, Robert Reich explains why?that’s exactly what government subsidies, tax breaks and bank bailouts are, and why they need to be stopped. Now.

“They are not people, despite what the Supreme Court says,” Reich says. “They don’t need or deserve handouts.” He explains how corporate welfare is on the rise, and how it’s your taxes that are fueling the growth, while education, health and other cuts to public spending are forcing millions into poverty. The U.S Government spends over $100 billion on corporate welfare- while only 12% goes to the families paying for all of this. Please share this video if you agree that it’s an absolute disgrace!

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