Here’s How Your “SMART” TV Listens To Every Word You Say (Even When It’s Switched Off)

"Smart" technology is increasingly being used for surveillance of the masses

Last week Samsung were at the center of controversy when a Reddit user posted its Smart TV privacy policy online. Like other brands such as LG, the corporation admits to spying on us through our television sets. Samsung’s voice recognition software may convenient, but it has a dark side, as the above video shows: all living room chatter will be picked up and “transmitted to a third party,” even when your set is switched off.

To put this into perspective, Twitter user Parker Higgins posted Samsung’s privacy policy alongside a page from Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. It makes a clear and disturbing point about the level of surveillance we have now come to accept as part of modern living:


The good news is that some Youtubers have figured out how to switch the voice recognition software off (although we can’t confirm whether this actually works or not). Here’s a mini-tutorial by one vlogger, please share this information so consumers can make their own choices about whether they are spied on or not!

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