Here Are 16 Uplifting Photos That Prove Random Kind-Heartedness Still Exists In This World


In the fast paced world we now live in, globalization has dramatically changed our lives that the modern lifestyle keeps us busy with endless virtual opportunities and connections. As wonderful as this seems, we tend to overlook the importance to sustain and support our personal relationships with our family, and our community. We tend to forget the nature of things, and our surroundings by being in front of the computer or mobile phones for most part of the day.

Here are 16 photos to remind us that there are still people who do selflessly good things in this world, and hope they will inspire us to be more aware and pay it forward to those who need us, be it someone we love, or strangers we always cross paths with.


1. People in India successfully cleared out 5 tons of trash from the beach


2. A sick fan’s dream turned into reality when someone brought her to a hockey match



3. A man in the U.S. wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge and 13 truck drivers parked side by side just to save him

4. A little boy in Germany parked his bike in the same spot for a year, so much so that someone posted a private parking sign for him.


5. An old man collects money to support an animal shelter by taking photos with sleeping cats and posting it on social media


6. An anonymous person paid for another a couple and their baby’s meal, and little did he know that it was the husband’s birthday that day! What a thoughtful gift!


7. Two men rescuing a deer that got stuck in the swamp


8. The owners of this bookstore put out a special chair for this old lady that has been coming here for the last 15 years


9. Someone refurbishing an old chair they found abandoned outside the owner’s house, and returning it!


10. Someone just randomly giving out a present to whoever would find it.


11. Residents in Brest, France cleaning the swans from oil stuck in their bodies.


12. Someone built a house for cats, complete with blankets and bowls of food.


13. Someone thoughtful enough to invite everyone to join in the fun!


14. Hospitality for those who don’t have enough during the holidays.


15. Someone who left these all over the city.


16. Free coats for anyone in need, and a chance to donate for those who have more than enough.

Be on the lookout for the other selfless things all over, and you might just find other everyday miracles in the places you least expect.

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