Her Family Couldn?t Afford A Horse, So She Trained A Cow To Ride Instead [Watch]

Denied a horse to care for and ride, this teenager instead trained a heifer named Lilac. To this day, they still go on long walks and jump over obstacles.

Credit: Insider Edition

When Hannah Simpson was 11-years-old, she approached her parents about wanting to own and ride a horse. Unfortunately, her family couldn?t afford an equine, so her dream was dismissed for the time being.

Dismayed but not defeated, Simpson decided to train one of the cows on the dairy farm to ride instead. The task of training a heifer to ride wasn?t an easy one, but it was reportedly well worth the effort. Hannah was bucked off the cow a few times before the duo eventually bonded and defied odds together.

For the last seven years, the determined teenager has taken heifer Lilac on rides through the meadows of the South Island town of Invercargill, located in New Zealand. Now 18-years-old, Hannah has a horse of her own. However, she still takes Lilac on weekly rides.

The cow has the capacity to jump up to 4.5 feet but will only perform such stunts when she?s in the mood to do so, says Hannah. Still, the team enjoys long bush walks and leisurely swims when time affords. Watch the video by Insider Edition below:

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