Hedge Fund CEO Enthusiastically Explains Why He Supports Bernie Sanders and Socialism

A wealthy Wall Street CEO believes Bernie Sanders will be the next best president. Read on to discover why…

Credit: TheNation.com

Credit: TheNation.com

The wealthy financier is also quick to point out how the economy and the financial sector is rigged by the rich — something Bernie Sanders has repeatedly said on the campaign trail.

“Bernie Sanders, I believe, is one of the most honest politicians in the world,” Weeraratne said in an interview with PoliticalPeopleBlog (PPB).

“You can expect Sanders to rise up to do the right thing for all the people. He has been consistent with his track record of helping working people, fighting to provide healthcare to all, provide safe retirement for ordinary people and stand up to the most powerful individuals who would like to take over the country only for their own benefit,” Weeraratne continued.

Weeraratne is an avid believer in Keynesian economics, which calls for widespread public investment in infrastructure to grow jobs and the middle class. He has also repeatedly tweeted his criticisms of Austrian economic theory, which advocates the dismantling of the public sector.

Weeraratne told PPB that he hopes a President Sanders would take the advice of the Modern Monetary Theory economic group, which pushes for a modified version of Keynesian economic policies tailored for a modern economy.

“Personally, I believe Sanders should not try to hit the 1% immediately without having a solid economic plan since [the economic elite] would do everything they could to get rid of him immediately,” Weeraratne said. “When Sanders becomes President the most important thing he should do is to get rid of the bankers who are advising both parties at this time and hire this group.”

As the Sanders’ campaign approaches the first-on-the-nation Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, Weeraratne argues that Sanders should begin publicly naming his would-be cabinet members, who can elaborate on his policy proposals before the election actually takes place.

“Sanders should begin the process of setting up his team even before getting elected, as they do in the UK (a shadow cabinet). Then he can communicate their strategy openly and  if most voters hear his vision, they will realize what he says makes lot of sense and will support him,” Weeraratne said.

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