Hear What This Inspirational Cancer Patient Has To Say To His Disease

How would you react to a life threatening disease? Justin won't take it lying down.

Justin Mclean delivers a powerful statement in his open letter to cancer. You can hear the passionate determination he has to overcome what is a violent yet common disease. ‘I hate how rapidly you move, I hate the pace at which you do things…I hate that there’s not a discussion, that we can’t reason with each other…’ You really get a sense of just how all consuming cancer is in Justin’s life, but also of just how much he refuses to be beaten by it.

Justin gives us an insight into just how destructive cancer can be, not just on the person but on all those that love them. Justin’s passion is not just to survive, but to thrive, and to empower others to do the same. Justin has some important questions about the way we treat cancer patients, and so he has founded Thrivor, a website to share his story and help others. Thrivor has a poignant message and some beautiful imagery, well worth a look.

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