Health Shmealth Reality Check

Flickr /Lululemon Athletica

Flickr / Lululemon Athletica

By: Ashley N. Incardone,
True Activist.

“Oh My GOD, look at you… you’re so puffy” said my mother; “It’s okay Ashley you are still at the point where you can loose it before it becomes too bad” said my father; “Wow baby you’re face looks a lot ..healthier.. today!” exclaimed my boyfriend.  After about a week of this, my denial became reality… the damn freshman fifteen had the last laugh at me.

So I downloaded an app on my phone to count calories and log my workouts (like this was actually going to lose the 24 pounds I gained). I logged every meal and every getting-off-the-couch-to-grab-the-remote-workout for about 3 weeks… and then just plain forgot about it. Long story short, that weight loss plan went out the door, and I still hadn’t lost any weight.

My next plan was to avoid anything that appeared to be fattening or high in calories or sugars; and I swore to myself to never finish my entire plate. I guess this was a cool plan if you’re comfortable with being hungry all the time, getting really bored with your food, and hating every sweet-loving person in the room. I am pretty sure my boyfriend was ready to ask for his house key back because I was such a bitch; my craving for a double cheeseburger was becoming more and more aggressive (and so was I). So this was no longer an option either, and my lazy self was about to accept my 150lb, 5’ 7” body.

Then I moved into my new condominium and everyday I exited the gate onto Rio Salado Road I was taunted by the 24-hour fitness across the street.  I felt more and more lazy when I started to see meatheads and women “want to be” body builders walk across the street to the gym while I was driving to Taco Bell. Bet you wont guess what I did next? No I didn’t go buy 2 Dorito gordita crunches, I bought a gym membership. I dreaded going the first day, and the second, but now three weeks in I am obsessed.  My roommate and my boyfriend joined also and I enrolled in the yoga classes. Plus I haven’t missed one day and I am losing weight, 4 pounds already!

So you may ask, what is the moral of this story?  Let me give you a hint, it’s not that you are overweight and need to change.  It’s not a warning about the freshman 15.  It’s a success story; it’s an example to everyone out there struggling.  Liposuction, weight-loss pills and anorexia or bulimia is not the answer. Phone apps and diets may work for you, but if they don’t, try to work out. Now don’t be like me and claim that you are working out when you are really just going upstairs to grab a blanket and back down the stairs to return to your couch.  Actually give it a shot, take a class or two, find a workout buddy, and get motivated for nothing but yourself.

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