He Was Found Freezing And Dying.

By: Jon,

True Activist.

This guy found a squirrel in the freezing cold and he knew he could not leave him for dead.  He decided to take him home and look after him. You will be amazed how this little fellow recovered.

I really had to try not to cry while watching these photos!

how he first found him. Freezing and hardly moving

01 - how I first found him Freezing and hardly moving

in the hood of his jacket, in the cupholder of his car

02 - in the hood of my jacket in the cupholder of my car

heating pad, paper towels, round thing.

03 - heating pad paper towels round thing

He liked the round thing

04 - He liked the round thing

first feeding

05 - first feeding

eyes not opened

06 - eyes not opened

meeting his parents

07 - meeting his parents

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just being buds

17 - just being buds

yesterday he opened his eyes, today they took over the internet

18 - yesterday he opened his eyes today they took over the internet




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