He Told This Lebanese News Reporter to Shut Up ? Here’s How She Responded.


Have you ever heard an interviewed guest tell a TV host shut up? Well this is exactly what this Lebanese news reporter received when she tried to keep her guest on topic. She did not let him get away with such treatment, however.

When told to ‘shut up’, she spoke up for herself, asking for respect ? and when she still didn’t get it, demonstrated to him that she does indeed have the power to demand it…

Television host Rima Kiaraki was interviewing London-based Islamic scholar Hani Al-Seba’i on Al-Jadeed TV. But as is the usual case for such spots, she had a limited amount of time to discuss the process of Christians joining Islamic groups. The reporter appeared to have asked what slogans and methods Islamic groups are using to attract Christians to join them.

Al-Seba’i wanted to talk about the longer history of Christians converting to Islam, however, and began to address this historical aspect of the question, veering away from the present-day and relevant portion. When Kiaraki tried to get him back on track by re-iterating the question, asking him to stick to the present, she received a snappy response. At one point during the argument Al-Seba’i insisted that he would answer any way he pleased, that being interviewed by a woman was beneath him, and finally told the TV host to shut up.

His sexist behavior was not to be tolerated, though. Even though Kiaraki had just informed her guest that the producers had agreed they could have a little extra time, she was done ? and when the host is done, the segment is done. Watch this reporter stand up for herself in the video below:

?In this studio, I run the show… Please don’t get all worked up,? she requested. ?We respect you and know you want to give a complete answer.? His response?

?Are you done? Shut up, so I can talk.?

At this point Karaki plainly demonstrated how things were supposed to go when she was conducting an interview:

?How can a respected sheik like yourself tell a TV host to shut up?? she asked.

Al Seba’i responded by saying that it was ‘beneath him to be interviewed by a Karaki,’ which is why she cut off his mic and told him that ?either there is mutual respect or the conversation is over.?

It is not often the entire world gets to see this kind of excellent response to a blatantly sexist declaration, and maybe television interviews would go a bit better overall if guests (and hosts, too) who are rude and insulting were just cut off.

What are your thoughts on how Rima Karaki stood up for herself and all?women during this interview?



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