He Saw Her Across The Room And Sat Down. When She Looked Up, I Lost It…

Two lovers reunite after 22 years in an epic, mind-melding moment.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Words can’t do justice to describe this moving reunion between two artists, but this writer will try.

During the 70’s and 80’s, world-renowned artist Marina Abramović wasn’t always so well-known. She used to travel with fellow artist Ulay and together, they used to push the boundaries of conventional art.

The two shared a special, passionate bond. However, even love itself cannot last an eternity. Realizing that it was time to part ways, they both participated in one final project together in 1988. Beginning at opposite sides of the Great Wall of China, they made their way to the middle for one last embrace.

It seemed their story was over, but Ulay changed that during one of Abramović powerful exhibitions at the Moma Museum in New York. The artist, dressed in a stunning red gown, was spending one minute of silence during her exhibition ‘The Artist is Present’ staring into each stranger’s eyes, for hours on end. People lined up around the block for the opportunity to sit down across a small table from her – without speaking.

The unfiltered, raw connection between two humans is beautiful, but what happened next will inspire tears…

Abramović kept her head bowed, waiting for the next individual to sit down. When she looked up, the emotions and tears of the reunion began to flow. It had been 22 years since she saw Ulay, and now, they were in each others’ presence once again.

28 million people from all around the world have been captivated by the two artists’ touching reunion, and this clip has become a powerful ode to lost love. Unfortunately, the years succeeding the emotional reunion have been bittersweet.

According to GoodNewsNetwork, the two artists became foes in a legal battle over rights to their earlier work. May this moment from 2010, at least, endure as one of their most priceless works.

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