He Paid For Others’ Ice Cream For 3 Hours, Then Left With A 7 Ft-Long Receipt

The mysterious customer paid the tab for three hours and even tipped each employee $100.

Some people are willing to go to great lengths to cheer others up. An individual known as Mr. Gary is one such individual. Recently, the mysterious customer entered Sweet Sammie’s Ice Cream Shop, located in Fort Worth, Texas, to have his free street parking validated. Apparently, street parking costs $20 – that is, unless it is verified by a business.

When employees at the shop agreed to sign off on the parking pass, Mr. Gary was so shocked, he volunteered to pay for everyone’s ice cream. After purchasing a bottle of water, he sat down at the counter and for the next three hours, covered every single customer’s tab.

According to the store’s employees, Mr. Gary kept increasing his generous offer. At first, he said he’d stop once the tab reached $100. But then it hit $500, and he said he’d wait until it hit $1,000. Finally, when the bill reached $1,300, he signed off. However, he made sure to tip each of the employees $100 before exiting.

By the time the kind samaritan eventually closed the tab, the receipt stretched to an astonishing 7 feet long. Employees of the ice cream shop now plan to hang it on the wall to commemorate the generous individual.

Every now and again, individuals like Mr. Gary do outrageous feats that re-inspire faith in humanity. If you liked this story, please share this news and comment your thoughts below!

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