Hawaiian Natives Fight To Keep State Observatory Off Sacred Mountain

hawaiiTo some Americans, Hawaii is seen as a tropical getaway island that belongs to their government, but in reality, it is more of a colony, that was brutally taken over generations ago.

Even now, over 100 years after the initial invasion of Hawaii, large numbers of natives continue to fight for control of the land and resources that are rightfully theirs.

Recently, the mountain of Mauna Kea has taken center stage in the struggle of native Hawaiians. Mauna Kea is slated to be the site of an astronomy project, but the area is seen as sacred by many of the natives who have called the land home for generations.

Kau’i Onekea, a resident of Oahu island who showed up this week to protest the project, said that her and the other native activists are not against astronomy, but are against the take over and desecration of their sacred land.

“We’re not against astronomy, we’re just trying to share our beliefs,” she said.

The land in question is technically owned by the government, but the native Hawaiians have been there longer and have the rightful claim to the land.

“Astronomy is cool but it’s not necessary, our planet down here is dying,” demonstration leader Lanakila Mangauil said.

Protesters gathered outside of a meeting about the observatory this week, after they were denied entry into the event.

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