Have You Ever Wondered Why Marijuana Is Illegal? Joe Rogan Brilliantly Summarizes…

The Declaration of Independence is PRINTED on hemp paper, yet it's a banned and taboo product... Ever wonder why?

Joe Rogan is one of those activists who has a way of explaining things in a format everyone can understand.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

And in the brilliant video below, Joe uses his famous means of expression to cover a topic that’s been on many peoples’ minds lately: Why is Cannabis illegal? 

Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable of all nature textile fibers, is less expensive to produce as paper than trees, and lasts longer than most fabrics and while also being able to withstand harsh conditions. That’s not all, though: Hemp can be used as a biodiesel/biofuel, is an incredibly nutritious food in seed, oil, and mixed form, can be made into biodegradable products, and can even be grown without fertilizer or pesticides… along with many, many more benefits.

In fact, hemp in its diverse forms is so useful, many people have been wondering why this plant – whose fibers have been used for thousands of years – is so restricted in modern-day times.

After you watch the video featuring Joe Rogan below, it might just make sense…


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