Gynecologist Says Women Should Quit Taking Birth Control Pills: Here Are Her 10+ Reasons

This gynecologist says that the mass prescribing of birth control pills is a problem.

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When women are seeking options for contraception, one of the first people they turn to is their gynecologist, who has a breadth of knowledge that can help them determine which method is right for their bodies. What you wouldn’t expect to hear at a gynecologist’s office is why you?shouldn’t take birth control pills, but that’s exactly what?Dr. Sara Gottfried, a practicing gynecologist, believes.

Gottfried believes that women have been sold on birth control pills without knowing the full risks, so she informs the public so that women can truly make their own choice when it comes to contraception. She has 10 key reasons for doubting the benefits of the Pill, and they are listed below.

1. The Pill dramatically increases a woman?s testosterone levels, which can cause a low sex drive, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse. Up to 40% of women may be experiencing this problem but not talking about it because they don’t know the problem derives from taking the Pill.

2. The Pill is famous for helping to clear up acne and that’s because it overwhelms natural estrogen with testosterone. While this may be a temporary benefit to taking the Pill, your natural ?female? hormones don?t return to normal in the long-term. This means your hormones stay disrupted?for decades.

3. The gut is negatively affected by the Pill.?Ulcerative colitis and?Crohn?s disease, both of which are linked to chronic gut inflammation, is more common among women who use oral contraceptives.

4. The Pill decreases the bioavailability of key vitamins and minerals that women need. Doctors still don?t know how, but BCPs lower?the body?s absorption of vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 (folate), B12, vitamins C and E, copper, magnesium, selenium, and zinc.

5. The Pill causes blood clots. If certain types of oral birth control are used, the tendency to develop deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolus increase three-fold. These are not only adverse to your health but they can also kill you.

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6. The Pill makes PMS worse.?Those containing?drosperinone, a synthetic version of progestin, are the worst at exacerbating symptoms.

7. The Pill lowers your thyroid hormones. Hashimoto?s disease isn?t just from Fukushima radiation, which ? is what you can get if your immune system starts to attack your thyroid

8. The Pill can make you gain weight, retain fluid, and feel bloated.?The mainstream will tell you that the Pill isn?t the reason for your weight gain, but just in case you think it is, don?t worry, it’s only temporary. This is probably one of the more common side effects that women know about, but it’s still enough to make someone think twice about starting on the Pill.

9. The Pill increases the risk of breast cancer and cervical cancers.?Since breast cancer is the most common cancer in women (with cervical cancer coming in as the 5th most common), this is something to consider.

10. The Pill, as opposed to other contraceptive methods, can cause permanently delayed conception.?Whether you want kids in the future is also a huge decision you should consider before taking the ? ? ? ? Pill.

Dr. Gottfried clarifies that she never stops a woman from choosing to take the Pill after being advised of the possible effects because it is entirely the patient’s choice. Women should have complete autonomy over their body, which is why Gottfried wants them to be aware of all the risks before choosing a method of contraception. Ultimately, many women choose the Pill over other methods because of convenience and because it’s the most popular, and that is their prerogative.

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