Gut-Wrenching Photo Of Dazed 5-Year-Old Reveals The Horrors Of The Syria Conflict

A haunting image of a five-year-old after an airstrike in Aleppo reminds all that the conflict is far from over.


Earlier this week, the city of Aleppo, located in war-torn Syria, was hit by another airstrike. This time, the neighborhood of Qaterji was targeted, and at least five children were injured in the attack.

One of the survivors is Omran Daqneesh, who can be seen in the photos above and below. Pulled from the rubble of his home, Omran narrowly survived and was treated for a head wound at a nearby hospital.

In the images, the young boy sits dazed on an orange couch, waiting for the world to make sense again. His expression, the grime covering his vulnerable body, and the fact that he had to endure such a horrific event speak volumes about the conflict which is still prevalent in Syria. For this reason, the picture of Omran, captured by photojournalist Mahmoud Raglan, has gone viral.

The image of Omran is a powerful reminder that the Syrian conflict is far from over, and that millions of people still suffer from the effects of the civil war which began in 2011.

While Omran was lucky because he only had a simple wound in the scalp and endured no brain damage, according to ABC News, not everyone has been so fortunate. Over 400,000 people have died and millions displaced due to the Syrian conflict. The heartbreaking images of Omran are a powerful reminder of this truth:Omran2


The city of Aleppo has been held by rebels since 2012 despite being the target of a Russian-backed government siege. Four years ago, it looked drastically different than it does today.

See the footage below:

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