Guerilla Artists Just Pulled Off The Largest Advertising Takeover In World History

Because after all, they’re your streets.

Brandalism returns with the largest advertising takeover in world history. Over 2 days teams of guerilla artists emerged from the shadows to takeover 365 corporate advertising spaces in 10 UK cities. The project saw hand-made artworks from 40 international artists installed in public spaces across the UK.


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From Glasgow to Brighton the streets of the UK look a little different this Monday morning. In 10 cities around the UK guerrilla install crews have been swapping over 300 ads with art works, creating the largest advertising takeover in world history.


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40 street artists produced the work and the Brandalism crew lovingly hand printed each one of the 365 “six sheet” posters.


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This bus stop was plastered with a thought provoking poster…


…while some Londoners dropped by Scotland Yard and Tottenham Police Station, to try and express how a lot of the people feel about the boys in blue.


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Swapping them is easier than you’d imagine. All you need are some of the magic cabinet keys and a trusty hi-viz vest to remain hidden in plain sight. So if you don’t like what they’ve put up, check out their guide to opening the cabinets, and replace it with something you prefer. Because after all, they’re your streets.


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