Got A Bad Back? Meet The Posture Perfecter That Will Save Your Spine And Life

Your life will seriously change if you work to change your posture.

Credit: Perfectore Corp.

People often find it difficult, almost impossible, to sit or stand upright in an effort to improve their posture these days, not knowing that with each moment that they slouch they’re contributing to worse problems down the line. Approximately 80 percent of Americans complain of back pain, while nearly as many complain of neck pain, yet many are unwilling to put the work in to correct the issue each day.

What’s worse is that this terrible posture now will lead to an impossible-to-fix and permanent stance later on, also referred to as the ‘hunchback‘ that no one wants. So how can you improve now to make sure this doesn’t happen to you later? While you can take steps to consciously straighten yourself out everyday, there’s also another solution: it’s called the ERGO Posture Transformer and it’s made to wear like a backpack.

Credit: Perfectore Corp.

This one-size-fits all harness is subtle but effective, made to wear at the office but can, of course, be used to anywhere to improve the way you hold yourself on the daily. It’s so effective that those who have tried it describe it as feeling like they’re sitting in an ergonomic chair, though of course their chair hasn’t changed at all, just the way their back and neck are resting. The company touts its product as being able to relieve up to 70 pounds of pressure on your back and neck while holding your body in proper spinal alignment.

With a recommended use of 1 to 6 hours per day, the Posture Transformer works by making sure your head balances over your shoulders, making your chest expand while your shoulders roll back. There are even resistance bands in the harness so that you can complete some light exercises to workout any tension in your back, neck, and shoulders.

Credit: Perfectore Corp.

The device even comes with an app that is called the “pain treatment app” and can provide information about stretches, including instruction videos and manuals. The Kickstarter for this campaign reached well over its goal, but if you would like to purchase your ERGO Posture Transformer for $50 below what the retail price will be, you can donate in the next 4 days.


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