Good Samaritan Throws Super Bowl Party For The Homeless [Watch]

This YouTube star threw a football party for homeless men in New York last Sunday.

Credit: YouTube

One of the reasons American citizens love football so much is because it?s seen to be an inclusive sport: anyone can watch it and benefit from the camaraderie it inspires. Of course, not everyone has the ability to watch football games, especially if they?re homeless. It?s for this reason that a man named Meir Kay hosted a special Super Bowl party for citizens in New York who live on the streets.

Kay is a YouTube star and motivational speaker who often makes videos about positively engaging strangers, relays GoodNewsNetwork.?Last Sunday, he had a particular mission in mind: invite homeless men to the 230 Fifth Roof Top and Bar restaurant, where they?d enjoy the game, each others? company, and good food.

As a Patriots fan, Kay handed out the team?s jerseys to the men and invited them to indulge in drinks, a buffet of classic Super Bowl snacks, and cozy sneaks to enjoy the game. Though some might argue that the internet star could have used the money to support the men in other ways, there?s something to be said about the therapeutic benefits of enjoying oneself in the presence of good entertainment.

?There?s no race or finish line,? says Meir. ?We?re all on the same team and for any team to succeed, they need to have each others back, to work together and move forward as one. It?s not always about money ? a kind word, some food, a hot drink, a conversation goes a long way. We must do what we can do make this world a brighter place a more positive, happier world and that begins with you.?

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