Good News! Germany Parliament Votes To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

This bill gives same-sex couples in Germany the same rights as heterosexual couples — including the right to adopt children.

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The country of Germany will soon officially recognize that love is love is love. On June 30, German Parliament voted 393 in favor, 226 against same-sex marriage, while four lawmakers abstained. As a result, homosexual couples may now receive the same rights as heterosexual couples — including adoption.

As CNN reports, the legislation will take full effect by the end of 2017. Though Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, voted against the legislation for “personal reasons,” she said her attitude toward same-sex marriage has changed after being introduced to a happy home of a lesbian couple and their eight foster children.

“It was a long, intensive, and for many also emotional discussion, that goes for me personally too, and I’m hopeful not only that there will be respect for either side’s opinions, but that it will also bring about more peace and cohesion in society,” said Merkel.

The executive director of International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association in Europe (ILGS-Europe), Evelyne Paradis, commented: “After years of waiting and hoping, rainbow families in Germany will now receive equal recognition under the law — this is a historic milestone that can inspire even more change for LGBTI people.” Even the German Foreign Office tweeted, “Congratulations to all gay couples who have been waiting to get married!”

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Once it has been signed into law, Germany will officially join the ranks of more than 20 countries where same-sex marriage is legal.

This positive news comes just one week after German Parliament cleaned the slate for over 50,000 gay men who were imprisoned under Nazi-enforced laws during WWII for being gay. As True Activist reported, the individuals who are still alive have been compensated for every year that they spent in jail.

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