Global March Against Monsanto: GMOs Poison Babies, Cause Cancer

World says enough is enough to vile frankenfood corp

Recently thousands of people took to the streets in over 50 countries to say no to GMOs. This short video from RT looks at the terrible reasons why so many people are angry-  and if you didn´t already know the dangers of franken-foods, these facts might shock you.

GMOs cause allergies, digestive problems, childhood learning disabilities, alterations of the immune system, and even increase the risk of cancer. Problems in the pancreatic, reproductive, renal and hepatic systems are also linked to GMO consumption. Toxins used to grow GMOs are showing up in pregnant women´s blood and that of their unborn babies, despite earlier claims these poisons are destroyed in the stomach. In short, we are poisoning ourselves (or rather, Monsanto is poisoning us). Since food producers using GMOs are under no obligation to tell the consumer, we are not even given the very basic right of deciding to choose natural products.

Take a while to let that sink in. Babies, old people, sick people, pregnant women- all these vulnerable groups are at huge risk from illness by GMOs, and most of them have no idea and haven´t been given the right to choose

As GMO activist Alexis Baden-Mayer points out in this clip, the USA has enough land to raise 100% grass fed beef- and other countries which have banned GMOs seem to do just fine without them. It´s time to reclaim our food. It´s time to tell Monsanto exactly what we think of their dangerous domination of the world´s agricultural industry and force our governments to do the same. Join the crusade for natural food! Click here to learn more about March Against Monsanto.

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