Gigantic Art Installation Of 120,000 Colourful Ribbons Streamed The Brandenburg Gate In Commemoration Of The Fall Of The Berlin Wall


Nowadays when it seems like nations and peoples are putting up walls to separate themselves from others, it is good to be reminded that there are no walls that separate humankind, and that we are one.

Last November 9th, Berlin celebrated 30 years of the Peaceful Revolution and Fall of the Berlin Wall. One of the highlights in this important event was Patrick Shearn and his team called Poetic Kinetics art installations that was made out of 120,000 fabric ribbons of different, beautiful colors.

This open-air installation in Berlin was made to commemorate the Peaceful Revolution’s anniversary.

Poetic Kinetics, a design and fabrication team makes fully immersive larger-than-life art. They connect together with a variety of artistic talents and disciplines to create the most unconventional and unexpected creative experiences. They are known for gigantic installations like Solar Sunflowers, Escape Velocity and the Caterpillar’s Longing.

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Kulturprojekte Berlin contacted the team of Patrick Shearn to collaborate in making a moving sculpture fitting for the symbolism of the unification of all German people. Set up in front of the Brandenburg gate, Berlin, the gigantic art installation which was titled Visions in Motion stretched throughout the whole walkway. All 120,000 ribbons had messages of wishes, greetings and hopes written on them.

This magnificent work of art moved together with the wind, creating a gently wave for that added experience for spectators and passers-by.

Visions in Motions was also a part of the Berlin Festival Week which was last November 4th through 10th.

Check out the video that Poetic Kinetic released of the art installation:


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