Genius! Watch How Recycling Bins Feed Stray Dogs In Turkey

We'd love to see these in cities around the world!

If you have ever traveled to Turkey, you may have seen some recycling bins with a difference: every time you insert a plastic bottle, food is dispensed for stray animals.

Inventor Engin Gurgin said: “My primary goal was to make people see that they don’t have to spend any money to help stray dogs. And I also wanted to show people that they can do good deeds with things they would normally throw away.

“At the same time of course, I know that we don’t give much priority to recycling here in Turkey. In my opinion that has to change, so I basically killed two birds with one stone.”

As one of the presenters points out, feeding stray animals doesn’t tackle the root causes of why they are on the streets in the first place (or solve the problem of them reproducing again), but it helps street animals in the short term while encouraging people to recycle more. Genius!

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