Genius Pig Discovers How To Break Free From His Pen [Watch]

Pigs are known to be incredibly intelligent. Watch as this one breaks free from his pen…

They say pigs are smarter than dogs and retain an average intelligence about the same as a three-year-old child. If this is true, how can humans (in good conscience) continue to eat them? Animal rights activists have been asking this question for eons.

Perhaps after witnessing how intelligent the pig in the video below is, some individuals might choose to refrain from eating pork and bacon in the future.

As the video by The Dodo points out (footage by JukinVideo), pigs can solve problems, are empathetic creatures, and are even smart enough to escape from their pens. It’s a video worth watching, as it’s both cute and thought-provoking: 

This Pig Figured Out How To Escape His Pen

Pig outsmarts humans and escapes his pen 🤓

Posted by The Dodo on Sunday, December 18, 2016

On any given day in the U.S., there are more than 68 million pigs on factory farms, and 115 million are killed for food each year. This is something to consider as every individual decides for themselves if eating animals is the ethical thing to do.

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