Generous $700 Tip Means Rehab For A Humble Pizza Delivery Guy [Watch]

Congregation members came together for a unified cause and ended up transforming this young man's life with their kindness!

A random act of kindness can transform someone?s life in a profound way; Jeff Louis? story is a testament to that!

When the delivery driver for Gionino?s Pizza in Mentor, in Ohio, received a call on November 22nd to deliver a stack of pizzas to a local church, he had no idea what surprise awaited him.

Members of the congregation at Life Point Church did, however. Upon arriving, churchgoers greeted Jeff and invited him to walk to the front of the full church carrying just one of the pizzas he was delivering.

They then lined up one-by-one to contribute their portion of a tip for Jeff – an amount totaling over $700!

The church?s Pastor, Ken Wright, organized the kind gesture to show those in attendance the power they can have when they come together for a unified cause. They had no idea that compassionate gesture would change Louis? life, however.

Surprised by the gift, a tearful Jeff recorded a video talking about his efforts to stay clean, how he was working so hard to do the right thing, and how? much the gesture meant to him.

?It just really, truly amazes me that people who don?t even know me, just wanted to help me that much,? he says. ?I?m blessed.?

The good news doesn?t end there! More than a million people have watched Jeff?s triumph on YouTube, and among them were employees of the Cliffside Malibu in California – one of the most beautiful drug treatment centers in America.


They surprised Jeff by offering to pay 100% of his rehabilitation and therapy costs, which can run as high as $88,000 a month.

Earlier this week, Jeff took up the offer and flew to the center for the next leg of his life-altering journey.?

As Margaret Mead said:

?‘Never doubt that a?small group?of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’

If every activist made the effort to carry out one kind deed per day, the world would be transformed!

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