Gay Couple Buys To Blog About LGBT Rights

cjandcharlieTo raise awareness about government discrimination against the LGBT community, a gay couple from Oregon decided to buy the domain, and blog about equal rights. The choice for domain name was ironic because Jeb Bush has been known to have some fairly oppressive views when it comes to homosexuality and gender issues.

The couple was able to purchase the domain back in 2008, back when Jeb Bush probably hadn’t even considered purchasing the domain. Now that a presidential run is becoming a serious consideration, it is possible that a bidding war for the domain will begin.

Now with more attention on the site, the owners CJ and Charlie are planning to revamp it so they can make even more of a statement.

Currently a message on the site reads:

Work in Progress

Positive dialogue to drive positive change

Hi there, and welcome to the page. CJ and Charlie are two guys in a great relationship who are looking to inform our friends and family about some of the challenges we face being part of the LGBT community. This page is intended to prompt understanding, insight, and healthy dialogue in the ever changing landscape of civil rights and social justice. Now we just need to find some time!

more to come…

CJ recently told Business Insider that, “Early tentative plans were to essentially blog about how we felt about various legislation happening nationally and worldwide. For example, at the time Texas legislature was either planning to pass or had already passed a bill that made the legal documents created by any couple in a relationship that mimicked marriage null and void. We didn’t see LGBT equality getting any better, and we felt said rights would more than likely still be in the spotlight in the run up for the next several election cycles. Jeb’s name was already being bandied about in the news as a potential presidential candidate, and we felt sure he’d be running in a future election.”

When asked if there was a bidding war developing for the site, CJ said that“We’ve had a couple of offers. One person asked flat-out why a gay couple would have a candidate centric domain. The latest was someone saying they wanted to buy the domain as a birthday present for a friend, awwww!”

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. 

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