Scientists Achieve Levitation with Acoustics

Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory have discovered a way to use sound waves to levitate individual droplets of solutions containing different pharmaceuticals. While the connection between levitation and drug development may not be immediately apparent, a special relationship emerges at the molecular level.

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  1. Faszinating indeed…

  2. Sound waves can push objects, we can witness it when the windows shakes for a loud sound. To lift up an object is only a matter of concentrate the sound waves. That’s science… About the monk levitation is just an illusion effect, that’s why he wanted to stay far from the reporter. This blog shouldn’t confuse people mixing science and magic, it should reports true facts and real informations.

  3. Love it. And the song is also great. does anybody knows what’s the name of this soundtrack? Thank you for sharing and, in advance, thank you for your reply.

  4. Why does the worlds powers insist on advancing technology like this, or computers, or most things they try to ‘advance’ when there’s starving children everywhere. While your food is being poisoned. While the “economy” (whatever that is) is in the shitter? While radio/micro-waves are still being emitted every which-way without any concern for peoples safety? While countries that have been raped by america and the likes of tear them selves apart?

    This is pathetic.
    Technological advancements for the sake of making money
    Made possible under the guise of benefiting mankind

    Someone fucking tell me at ALL how or why this is necessary? .

    I feel like killing everyone. Then myself.

    • for me there ist nothing wrong with technical progress. And most scientists do it because it can help to make life easier, or simply becasue they can do it.

      How technologies are used is a different thing and i understand your anger. But it doesn’t make technology smth bad, just the way it is used and the development which technologies are supported(sadly mostly the ones you can make money or keep your country superiour to others).

      We have to change which things we give value to. As long as we keep doing what we are told and believing everything that’s on the media(out of comfort or fear) and not doing what we feel and thinking for ourselfes, it will stay this way.

      Sadly it needs a certain ammount of anger, despair, injustice,… for lot of people to get moving. I really hope this can change too in the future. If people would fight also for small things, even if the necessity seems very small, things would be lot better. Why we always have to wait until it gets unbearable or until it’s (almost) too late… Do we need so much reassurance to stand up to what we think, or are we just too lazy? The longer we wait the bigger and more violent the change has to be. If we would do it earlier it could be done mostly with a small change of direction.

    • You could say the same thing about spending money on space exploration but you have to consider that NASA, when experimenting and creating new technologies for space exploration, have created some of the most beneficial new technologies that help all of humanity.
      If you want to complain about wasting money on something then complain about military spending…

  5. Magic is just phenomena that science can’t yet explain…and before you say ‘fiddlestix’ just remember there was a time the Earth was flat because the science of the day had neither the conceptual knowledge nor understanding to come to any other conclusion.

  6. This is how I think we built pyramids and things of that magnitude, with the use of sound not man power,

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