Oprah Tries To Tell An Atheist What To Think. The Atheist Responds Like A Christian. Or Any Human.

Confession time: I’m an atheist. PLEASE DON’T CLOSE THIS WINDOW YET! By being an atheist, I am in no way judging others’ beliefs. I just lack them. Same with Diana Nyad, the world class swimmer and all-around awesome human being. We still have moral codes, just like everyone else. We just are slightly different. Which confused Oprah. However, she recovered nicely toward the end and really listened, which was a pleasant surprise.

I would really love it if you could find it in your heart to share this. Everyone thinks we’re all dead inside and can’t appreciate the beauty of the universe. But we really do. And we have real morals and everything. So please share this. And if you liked what Diana had to say, you could Like her on Facebook. I’ll owe you one.


Adam Mordecai via Upworthy

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