Obama Signs Executive Order To Kill Internet

White House gives Homeland Security control of all communication systems

Source 1: http://rt.com/usa/news/obama-president-order-communications-770/

Source 2: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2012-07-11/pdf/2012-17022.pdf

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  1. NO documentation, citations. Shame on you! This CANNOT BE VERIFIED as it stands!

  2. Hello!
    I´m from Argentina and I would like to share this video but most of my friends doesn´t speak English, do you have the same video with spanish subtitles?
    I can try to translate this video if you want
    Thank you!

  3. What is up with these videos you’re uploading lately? This aint activism, this is the same bs propaganda format you can find on national television, I understand you need to reach the masses and all that stuff but keep an eye on your followers too, we don’t like this, I mean, army video clips and the hypothesis of what a president may be hiding? Im out of here, get back on your track and treat us like minded people

    • Ignoring how he handles the information in the video, you still feel perfectly happy that the government has total control over your internet access, and your ability to communicate with anyone in your country? They are subtly taking away your rights and you can’t even see it. Why would this not be covered in mainstream media if it were a good thing? The president obviously doesn’t do anything. He is controlled by corporation! Plain and simple. You need to take control of your country. “You have no choice, You have only the illusion of choice” – George Calin

    • Try reading the new executive order executed by the President. Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communication Functions before claiming this is rubbish @JP or that there is no documentation @Rogi Riverstone. JP and are you really intelligent @Nicolas, read some. They are giving you some of the info. It is up to you to do the research.
      It is executive order 13618 Assignment Of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions and it gives many powers to the government in times of emergency. Which the U.S.A. is still in a State of Emergency since 9/11. It was never stopped. Which means they can do what they want when they want to our communications. They already can lock us up indefinitely without cause and kill us for being a “threat” to America or its people. The list is long. If you look one thing at a time as separate issues they seem small (kind of), but when you look at everything as a whole, it is a really big deal. Really big things are going down and none of it looks good. If you trust your government, brush up on your history while you still can. Start with executive order 9066. May you all open your eyes and do your own research before trying to call out those trying to do it for you.

    • @scrubs @Steven M
      Im not saying this shouldn’t be of public domain, it MUST be! Im just saying that, if you’re publishing contents, publish them without all the “open but aimed questions”, lets me explain better:

      “is he expecting an internet blackout?”
      “is he expecting another 9/11?”
      “is president BO expecting an attack on America?”
      military stock video / out of nowhere (but aimed) questions

      that is what we don’t like, don’t push us to think the way you think, let us think the way we want to think, give us the information, we can handle it on our own without the need of a speaker giving us clues about what could and couldn’t be

  4. FourthGeneration Chico

    This is not as bad as the bill Obama signed this past New Year’s Eve, while we were all out celebrating, effectively allowing for the indefinite, military detention of any U.S. citizen without charge or access to council.

  5. Two sources both from rt.com and top Youtube comments about Obama being a tool of Jewish masons? No thanks.

    The Internet was ALWAYS a government tool. The backbone servers and the protocols were developed by and still belong to the government.

    • Sensible is nice!
      I believe in the President. He has not started any major wars or tortured anyone. (Except Bradley Manning.)

  6. Global warming poses a serious threat to civilization. At about 1200 BCE, at the end of the Bronze Age, some global environmental event destabilized the world’s only four empires and drove the world into the ancient dark ages.
    Currently, global warming has only heated up Earth about one degree Celsius, but USA grain crops have been hard hit this year. Weather patterns in the northern hemisphere have become erratic and that is not good for crops. It is interesting to note that the current temperature of the Earth is about the same as it was at the end of the Bronze Age.
    And economic conditions are not good around the world. Perhaps you have seen the recent violence in Spain! The worldwide recession has put everyone in the world in stress. There is talk of revolution.
    I could go on, but that is enough to prove that concern is reasonable.

  7. There is not off switch for the internet…

  8. Two things.

    1) Internet does exist outside the US
    2) You take Facebook and Twitter away from so called “western” teenager let a lone an adult, you have not seen an uprising. It’ll make OWS movement look like loitering.

  9. When you add this one plus that one plus the other one, it all equals up to a big, bad situation for Americans that love their freedoms. How many executive orders have Obama and Bush signed during their Presidencies? Alot of them. I know how many, but I’m not telling because I believe we should all do our own research. Be our own media. It is all at our fingertips, at least for now. Learn the truth while you still can.

    • Yeah? Well I know the truth of Obama’s background and former life but I’m not telling. You should go research this if you think you should know. It’s all there to be found.

  10. It’s all seemig quite relevant now…

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