Moscow Subway Ticket Machine Accepts Squats As Payment

Moscow subway ticket machine accepts squats as payment to promote exercise for 2014 Olympics.

Олимпийские Перемены

41 Responses to Moscow Subway Ticket Machine Accepts Squats As Payment

  1. Great idea but a little help is needed to stop people doing damage to their knees!

  2. that was a great idea but sometimes I wonder if the attitude lasts. i mean, how long will the machine be there? Or, is it just for sharing a fake lifestyle/fake efficiency in Moscow by government?

  3. Very creative! Cool way to get people thinking about exercise.

  4. You people are retarded, this isn’t feasible anywhere, since when did squats pay for infrastructure or for workers to put food in the mouths of their children?
    This is just promo, no place ever decided to give you free stuff solely for benefiting yourself. The soft dreamy music doesn’t change economics this is just dumb puff to pull your “we are all amazingly good people” heart string… idiots.
    How far gone are you to believe in something like this as smart and affordable?

  5. Slowly but something is haappening :)

  6. Why do I get the feeling like Putin is sitting on his albino mammoth rug in his den of skulls watching the go pro feed in this thing and jacking off to all these clowns bowing down to him for a free ride to their shitty menial labor jobs?

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