Largest Sky Map Revealed: An Animated Flight Through the Universe

Largest Sky Map Revealed: An Animated Flight Through the Universe. The first public data release from BOSS, the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey. Led by Berkeley Lab scientists, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey’s BOSS is bigger than all other spectroscopic surveys combined for measuring the universe’s large-scale structure.

The Third Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III) has issued Data Release 9 (DR9), the first public release of data from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS). In this release BOSS, the largest of SDSS-III’s four surveys, provides spectra for 535,995 newly observed galaxies, 102,100 quasars, and 116,474 stars, plus new information about objects in previous Sloan surveys (SDSS-I and II).

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  1. dominiki papastergiou


  2. Tears in my eyes
    I watch the skies
    the world is full of life
    I can feel it inside

    This was from this moment. Thank you.

  3. Julian Horsfield

    I feel sea-sick enough as it is. Usually I just close the curtains.

  4. so many brothers and sisters we have out there, from this little and beatiful planet i send my love to all of them, we are one :)

  5. I walk thru air and light as I travel…..

  6. its like we a small bubble rising up from the ocean bottom.

  7. All this beauty and magnificence only makes me sad now because humanity is destroying the planet and all things of beauty, and has ruined everything for me …

    • It *is* sad, but without people like you we might not think enough about that. We have to try not to give up the hope of a better day.

  8. I do try to be hopeful John, and do what I can … it’s just some days I am a real sad sack. One thing for sure – the wonders of the universe, or a ‘simple’ leaf, or the working of tendons in the foot, for example, never cease to amaze me.

  9. Beautiful. How anyone could believe an egotistical, sadistic god could exist and create this is laughable in this day and age.

  10. Maybe there are no other human beings but there is superior intelligence….its just that we have free will to follow natural law or not.

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