Journalist Shows Coca Cola Boss How Much Sugar Is In Their Drink

Credit: BBC Newsnight

Credit: BBC Newsnight

Consider how much added sugar the average American consumes per day in comparison to how much their suggested daily intake is.

According to data collected in the U.S., Americans are consuming 76.7 grams of added sugar per day, which amounts to 60 pounds of added sugar per year. Based on what the American Heart Association estimates the maximum intake of added sugar for Americans should be, this is roughly 2-3 times more than what they should be consuming.

Overconsumption of added sugar has been known to cause obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, tooth decay, non-alcoholic fatty liver and many more lethal or harmful illnesses.

Calls are growing for high sugar drinks to be taxed in the same way as cigarettes to curb rising obesity. Does the drinks industry’s resistance echo that of the resistance of the tobacco industry and their denial in the 1960s?

In the video below, Jeremy Paxman spoke to James Quincey, president of Coca Cola Europe. He confronted him outright about how much added sugar is in three different sized Coca Cola beverages, to which Quincey responded with some well-rehearsed and vague promises of informing the public of the sugar content in their products.

Watch the video below to see Paxman confront Quincey and Quincey attempt to dance around the issue of added sugar and Coca Cola’s part causing obesity.


BBC Newsnight

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