10 Protests That Changed The World

From equal rights to political reform, these 10 protests helped changed the world.

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  1. That was not the Stonewall riots you showed. The Stonewall riots were started by Drag Queens and Transexuals, not suit and dress wearing homosexuals and lesbians!

  2. I feel the Cochabamba Water War should be in the top ten ahead of some shown here. Even though it was not totally resolved it did show the corporations can be stopped when doing something that is wrong on so many levels.

    • Mariana E. Wirth

      I agree, and I think that protests in Argentina en 21-22 December 2001, that forced the exit of president Fernando de la Rua, collapsed the entire political, social and economic system of the country must be considered as well.

  3. yeah, yeah, the american revolution is number one. common. lol you guys.

  4. fuck that …nothing about polish revolution that changed the universe… fuuck that shitttt

  5. What about Burma (Myanmar), or what happened in China Tiananmen

  6. ..and they were all backed up by US government.

  7. fuck that revolution back in 1986 in Philippines! Country gets much worst after that!

  8. what about the Syrian Revolution since 2011 … i think it is one of the most important events in this century

    Free Syria

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