Future Showerhead Uses 70% Less Water And Still Gets The Job Done!

A start-up company has developed a showerhead that uses 70% water, but still gets you just as clean.

Pretty much everyone loves a sudsy session in the shower, but effects of rinsing off for too long are less-than-stellar for the environment. 

With water waste a huge concern for everyone – not just the state of California and countries around the world, using less aqua should be a priority on everyone’s list. Thankfully, a start-up in San Francisco believes it knows how to make the task of using less water much easier.

Credit: kickstarter.com / Nebia

As ZMEScience reports, the start-up Nebia has developed a shower head that consumes 70% less water, but still gets you just as clean. 

Says the company on its Kickstarter page:

“Our technology uses nozzles designed to atomise water under extreme pressure, so that a stream of water is broken up into millions of droplets. The surface area of these droplets is 10 times that of a normal shower water droplet, enabling the shower to use much less water but get you just as wet.”

Individuals living in developed nations unnecessarily – and unknowingly – waste a lot of water. At present, the average man uses 20 gallons (75 liters) of water per day, and that number is continuing to increase. In 1999, the average individual used only 6 gallons of water per day.

Credit: kickstarter.com / Nebia

Like global food waste, it is an individual’s obligation to become aware of the resources they are utilizing, and do everything in their power to live more sustainably. 
So far, Nebia’s new shower head is receiving a number of positive reviews.

“We have tested Nebia with over 500 people, optimising for the greatest diversity of hair type and length. Our results show that people with this hair type have no problem rinsing their hair with Nebia.”

More time is needed to test and optimize the shower head before it can be declared a success, but the effort to reduce water waste is definitely worth applause.

This awesome invention is presently only a prototype, but if you’re inspired to contribute to Nebia’s vision and make it a reality, view and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign here

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