Former Trump Executive Slams Trump, Says “He’s Vindictive And He’s Dishonest”

Former executive vice president for Trump is voting for Hillary.

Credit: Savvy Woman Magazine

Credit: Savvy Woman Magazine

Barbara Res worked as Donald Trump’s executive vice president and senior vice president for 18 years and has often been referenced by Trump in speeches where he combats claims that he’s a misogynist. He claims that Res’ spot as an executive means he’s incapable of being sexist and disrespectful towards women.

Res came forward this month to set the record straight and state what she really thinks of the Republican presidential candidate in an interview with CNN. She told interviewer Alisyn Camerota that she would be supporting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and that Trump was not fit for the job for many reasons:

“First of all, everyone knows he has no experience. I mean, the idea that he would be president is just ridiculous. I have other developers I worked for who were just as smart or smarter than he was, and I wouldn’t vote for them for president, either.”

She went on to say something that is not surprising to voters, as everyone in America has seen him act in this manner, but is shocking to hear straight from someone who worked closely with him for two decades.

“The worst thing about Trump, and the reason not to vote for him for president, is his temperament. He flies off the handle, he attacks viciously — it’s like shooting someone and having a nuclear bomb come back at you. He’s vindictive, and he’s dishonest.

He always was dishonest, all the time I worked with him. We never knew when he was telling the truth or when he wasn’t — and I don’t think that that’s what we need in a president.”

Perhaps the scariest part of her statement is that she literally says he will retaliate with a nuclear bomb. While this was a metaphor for how he reacts to even small situations, it’s terrifying because, if elected president, he would become the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military and have an immense amount of power in the face of precarious international situations. This is certainly something that should frighten people who care about America’s troops and the well-being of the nation.

In another interview with the Daily Beast, Res addressed questions of whether or not Trump is a misogynist and discriminatory against women. She said,

“He’s terribly sexist. He’s a womanizer for sure. He hired me for a specific reason: Because I was really good. And he told me, and he believed this, that women had to work harder and be smarter and were willing to work harder than men, and that’s what he wanted, and he had a couple of women working for him… ‘Men are better than women,’ he said.”

Res came out with this information at just the right time. The recent allegations against Trump and his alleged sexual abuse are extremely concerning and the evidence behind the claims is strengthening. Voters need to evaluate if this is the president they want for the United States. Watch the video below to hear what Res has to say.

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