Former McDonald’s Exec Joins Board Of Beyond Meat, Promotes Plant-based Diet

Don Thompson is taking his 26 years of expertise to the faux meat company Beyond Meat.



Don Thompson, the former CEO of McDonald’s, has seen the future of meat and has decided it’s plant-based. 

After McDonald’s experienced a lull in sales earlier this March, Thompson left the fast-food giant and joined the board of Beyond Meat. The California startup company seeks to supplant beef and chicken and eggs with plant-based alternatives. 

Already in over 7,500 stores in the US, the company is championing alternatives to meat and dairy and finding success among the public.

Thompson’s non-compete clause with McDonald’s extends another two years, but will not affect his involvement with Beyond Meat. After all, one is serving low-quality, processed fare, and the other is persuading consumers to care about their health in a tasty way.

Said CEO of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown:

“We look forward to working with Don to bring our plant-based meats to consumers here in the United States and abroad.” 

Products from the faux meat company are presently being sold in Whole Foods, Target, and Safeway, and as of last month, Walmart.

“Today’s customers want great taste, choice and variety in the foods they eat,” said Thompson. “More and more, every day, the traditional favorites of beef, fowl and fish are being augmented with additional plant protein sources to satisfy this new taste demand. Ethan and the team at Beyond Meat have proven that you can actually have great taste and high quality with plant based proteins – even in a burger!”

After the World Health Organization announced that processed meats cause cancer and red meat likely causes cancer, you can bet alternative meat products will only increase in popularity.

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