Football Star Pays 83 Fans’ Electricity Bills For The Holidays

Pat McAfee, the punter for the Indianapolis Colts, spent over $18,000 helping folks pay off their electricity bills.


What do you want for Christmas? For many folks across the world, a few bills paid would be nice. Well, a generous football play for the Indianapolis Colts gifted exactly this to eighty-three lucky individuals last week.

The IndyStar reports that Pat McAfee, the punter for the Colts, asked Indianapolis Power and Light what hour they are busiest during the week. Their response? late Friday afternoon, after most people get paid. 

Inspired to spread some holiday cheer, McAfee then proceeded to pay any IPL customer’s bill who came through the line last Friday between 4 and 5 pm.

He told them their money was no good, and that their bill had been paid. And guess what? Those customers who were on a payment plan had their amount due set to zero.

By 5 o’clock that Friday, McAfee had spent just over $18,000 paying off 83 families’ electricity bills.

If they weren’t fans of the Indianapolis Colts before, they probably are now!

The news went viral after the electricity company tweeted about the good deed.

The football star responded on Twitter:

 “Just trying to do my part to make this world a happier place. I hope you all have a great Saturday.”

And that’s how you make the world a better place. Regardless of the amount, offer some generosity and cheer now and again, and you’ll undoubtedly brighten someone else’s day.

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