First All-Vegan Kindergarten Opens In Milan, Italy

Nature seeks to shine as another example of how practicing compassion early on in life can set kids up for a lifetime of happiness


Lessons taught at a young age can influence an individual’s actions later on in life. For this reason, many parents have decided to educate their kids on the importance of living and eating mindfully to benefit health, the environment, and the animals.

Those who are inclined to do so will be pleased to learn that in Milan, Italy, a kindergarten that is exclusively vegan is now open for business. The Vegan Herald reports that the school Nature teaches environmental issues, uses recyclable materials, and does not incorporate any animal products into the dishes served at snack time and lunch.

Nature told Italian news outlet La Stampa Chronicles:

“We love and respect all animals, so we do not use any food originated from their exploitation (not only meat and fish, but also eggs, dairy and honey). Our dishes are therefore 100% vegan.”

In addition to omitting animal products from the menu, the school teaches the importance of eating locally and is providing “zero kilometre” organic produce. At present, there are five children enrolled at the school. However, many speculate that the class size will grow as the movement grows in popularity.

Nature is located in the Citta Studi neighborhood of Milan and was founded by Frederica Ferrobianchi, a teacher who specializes in infant massage. She also boasts a science degree in education.

Predictably, the school has faced some criticism for the possibility of contributing to eating disorder development on its students. However, this non-scientific opinion fails to recognize how the message of ethical veganism is not about restriction, but rather abundance. The innovative school seeks to shine as another example of how practicing compassion early on in life can set kids up for a lifetime of happiness.

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