Firefighters Adopt A Puppy They Rescued After It Spent 11 Days In A Well

Rescuers didn't give up on this puppy and now he has a forever home.

Credit: Daily Sabah

After a terrifying ordeal that captivated the entire nation of Turkey, a 3-month-old puppy was rescued from a deep well that extended 200 feet below the ground after spending 11 days trapped down there. It’s unclear how the puppy came to find himself at the bottom, or how he survived the fall, but the authorities were first alerted to the puppy’s plight after they heard barking and whimpering coming from the hole.

Since the well is so deep down, it was impossible to see the puppy with the naked eye, so rescuers got to work right away by getting eyes on the dog in the form of an extended camera to monitor him. They covered the surrounding area with a tent to prevent any rain from entering the well and began using a slew of tools to attempt to free the puppy.

Credit: Twitter/Bar?s Sengun

From a robotic arm designed by high school students to a rope and pulley system, the emergency crew worked tirelessly to devise ways to lift the pup. While the well was extremely deep, it was also extremely narrow, making it difficult to even reach the dog let alone reel him back up. Despite the constant failures, the firefighters and volunteers from animal rescue organizations refused to give up.

Credit: Twitter/Bar?s Sengun

Orhan Kural, a mining engineering professor and animal rights activist who worked to help save the puppy, told Daily Sabah,

“They threw sausages down to feed it. They threw chew-toys with the scent of its mother.”

The items were dropped down via the rope and pulleys that failed to lift the puppy and water was supplied to him as well. As people from all around the world offered their services to help free him,Energy Minister Berat Albayrak from?Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises stepped up and was actually able to deliver relief for both the puppy and his rescuers.

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Albayrak and the company used a mechanical lasso and they were able to bring the dog to safety after less than 24 hours of taking over the rescue efforts. Though there were worries that these efforts could actually harm the pup, the dog was deemed healthy and uninjured upon his arrival back on solid ground.

Credit: Daily Sabah

Once he was brought up,?a moment which was heralded by rescuers and the entire nation, the puppy was evaluated and then promptly rescued by the firefighters who helped to save him. He was named Kuyu, which is Turkish for “well,” and the firefighters said that he will live at the fire station with him as their trusty and lifelong companion.

Credit: Daily Sabah

Bar?s Sengun, Istanbul coordinator of the Animal Rights Confederation, said on social media that as sweet as the story is, there’s an even better outcome to the whole story:

“We see that people now value animals as much as human beings in Turkey; we see a public more aware of animals.”

Watch the video below to see the moment Kuyu was rescued.

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