Father Disowns Son In Powerful Open Letter After Learning He Marched In Charlottesville

Pearce Tefft publicly denounced his son's discriminative behavior in an open letter you need to read.

If you seek to make the world a better place, be compassionate, be humble, and do good. Such is a message millions of parents have shared with their children. A man named Pearce Tefft took the same care when raising his son, Peter Tefft.

Unfortunately, Pearce no longer recognizes the same boy he raised. This was made evident when spotting him in the Unite the Right rally — a protest which occurred over the weekend and turned shockingly violent. As a result, Pearce made the hard decision to disown his son. “Peter Tefft, my son, is not welcome at our family gatherings any longer,” he wrote in a powerful open letter published on August 14th.

In his hometown of Fargo, North Dakota, Peter has been labeled a “Nazi” by locals. This developed six months ago, following the discovery of disturbing Nazi-Germany-related content which he uploaded to social media. If you talk to him personally, he’ll tell you he prefers the title “pro-White activist.” According to his father, Peter has even made jokes in the past about throwing non-Fascists “into an oven.”

It is because of his discriminatory attitude toward others that Pearce felt compelled to disown Peter. The liberal Democrat writes that Peter did not learn the type of behavior he exhibited in Virgina at home and that his entire family rejects his actions and beliefs.

The rally, which served to protest the removal of a Confederate monument, has spurred new conversations about the interracial conflict in the United StatesRead Pearce Tefft’s letter and comment your thoughts below.

“pro-White activist” Peter Tefft traveled to Virginia from Fargo, North Dakota, for the Unite the Right rally last week:

Now, his father, Pearce Tefft, is stepping forward with a public letter addressed to his son:

The dad, who identifies as a liberal Democrat, says Peter did not learn the discriminative behavior at home. He spoke out, because silence wasn’t an option.

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